About Us

Why choose NIYOX?

Customer focused services delivered with a smile. We understand the desire of customers for personalized assistance and we are preferred by customers seeking value-added solutions for their business.

NIYOX focus has always been on specialization, giving an opportunity to gain the distinguished competitive edge required to establish and stand out in the business scene. We believe in providing the highest quality of implementation providing you with a high utilization factor of your IT solutions.

We are driven by the desire to deliver and help the customers stay competitive in the global market by having the right IT solutions tailored for their business.

We are a dynamic team of intelligent and hard-working individuals with strong experience in their fields of work.

Our team has more than 50 years of combined experience in sales, design, marketing, support and management in businesses and organizations of all sizes. With clear insight into many business verticals and industries, we are able to understand and determine each client’s competitive benefits and sales goals.

We use our combined expertise that serves as the backbone of a message that is created to get noticed and convert prospects into clients.

How we make a difference.

The fundamentals of our business are solid.

We set exacting standards for ourselves and measure up to them. In all our work, we are guided by an unwavering focus on quality and sustained business benefits for our customers.

We deliver technology solutions offering lasting strategic value to your enterprise. Our team in conjunction with the right partners works to ensure that solution is deployed with the right products, future-proofed with the right architecture, and implemented with our best practices. We manage the projects through the full life cycle, ensuring that they meet required service levels and provide headroom for future growth once they enter production.